4. The best decision I’ve made

When I was in high-school, I had the opportunity to use some connections to go and be a soldier in the IDF’s spokesperson unit: to be a journalist or a cameraman or something like that in the unit (Like a lot of other people that I knew).

But my gut told me: “Enlist to the Infantry!”

That decision changed my life.

While most of my friends got experienced and skilled in filmmaking at the spokesperson unit, I got skilled in something else….

I got skilled in the most important field in life: Fear.

For years I thought that because people moved professionally faster than me & got much more experience than me & got all the right connections in the industry, I made a mistake.

Sometimes all you need is PATIENCE.

Skill and experience will get you to a certain point.

Connections will get you to a certain point.

But if you fear NOTHING…. what can stop you?

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