7. How to succeed

A few years ago, when I was crossing the Alps, it started raining.

I was in the middle of a ridge in an area called: “Alpage de Bovine”.

It was off-season and most of the lodges were closed. The closest one was 15 km away.

I walked fast.

The rain never stopped.

I ran through the muddy ridges.

2.5 hours later I got to a lone lodge. Nothing was near it. It was just standing there, so blissful and dry.

It was fully booked.

I told them I’d sleep on the corridor.

They said NO.

I had to keep on walking.

The rain was even heavier than before and it was already dark.

1.5 hour later I got to a town and found a place.

It was close to 10pm, but I made it.

What’s the point of this story?

The point is that it shows the only way to succeed.

When you leave yourself no other option but to move forward, you (guess what) move forward.

When people tell you NO, you just keep on walking in the rain until you get to a place who’ll say YES.

It’s as simple as that.

When you can’t quit, you just win.

In the picture: Me, 4.5 years ago, sleeping in a barn somewhere on the French-Swiss border

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