8. A Stone-Cold Man

A stone-cold man was in front of me in the cashier line at the supermarket.

This was the cheap supermarket, where the poor underground people of Berlin buy their daily stuff.

This man, probably working at a nightly security job, was stone faced, emotionless, kind of man.

But … He was buying a peach and a vegan sandwich.

Strange, I thought.

The cashier lady said hello to him, with a smile, and asked him how he was doing.

He didn’t even look at her.

She told him how much he needed to pay, and he gave her cash.

He took his stuff and walked.

She raised her hand: “your change”.

He did a gesture with his hand. Keep the change.

He bought a peach and a vegan sandwich but gave her a 10€ tip.

A man of action. Not words.

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