My name is Matan Tal and I was born in 1992 in Rishon LeZion, Israel.

I started as a prodigy for Rika Berkovich, a well-known Israeli children’s books author. She encouraged me and taught me all about writing compelling literature. When I was 11, she published my debut book: The Wonderful journey to Shotafun (Be’er publishing).

I was an Infantry Sniper in the IDF for 3 years (2011-2014), but it was a mostly uneventful service, nothing to make a film about.

Afterwards, I solo travelled through East Africa (climbed Kilimanjaro among other mountains) and through the European alps.

I was rejected 6 times from film schools. Luckily.

Then, I started Film theory studies in Tel Aviv University. and on my 3rd year led a mutiny in the corrupt film department. We managed to change the rules of the department so even students that majored in theoretical studies could do practical stuff, like: make short films & study some courses like cinematography (so they would have more of a chance at the job market after graduation).

I directed a few short fiction film, among them: Medea and An Ambush in the Limbo (with film crews as large as 30 people).

In 2020, I’ve completed my feature length documentary The Same Snowy Ground. And currently, I’m in the process of creating a web series about dead artists, space and intertwined time. The Invention of Chris Marker was the first among them.

I’m living in Berlin, Germany.

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