How to deal with the Online Film Festival phenomenon

What are Film Festivals? If I’ll have to reduce film festivals to their core, then they are nothing but curated art exhibitions. When one thinks of what film festivals were before the 21th century, then he realises they were mainly a film market with some glamour added to it. Filmmakers

New 2019 Reel

Article on Raindance

Update:Pre-Production on a new Documentary

9. Inspiration

Inspiration only comes to philosophers, To the people who question. To those who have goals to reach. Inspiration doesn’t come to those who just wait for it. Ask a question, and inspiration will enlighten you.



Hey From The Berlinale

R.I.P Rika Berkovich

Rika Berkovich was one of Israel’s greatest children’s books authors. When I was just a kid, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time around her. One time, she gave me a present with an inscription: “To my fellow writer” So modest and kind. She had the ability

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