Past Projects

The Death Of Romain Rolland  / Israel / 2017 / 6:30

Romain is rejected by his own literary characters.

Director: Marcus Tell

Actors: Victor Orlov, Eddie Himovich,
Jonathan Adwokat.

Medea / Israel / 2018 / 11:00

A tragic actress loses her identity in a character, what then turns her life into tragedy

Producers: Rozi Buber & Marcus Tell Director: Marcus Tell
Cinematographer: Offek Hasid
Art Director: Na’ama Luri茅
Film Editor : Noam Taub

Actors: Kama Berman, Eldad Ben Tora,
Yonatan Horen.

An Ambush in the Limbo / Israel / 2018 / 1:30

An Israeli soldier. Fierce winds. Dense fog. And something that cannot be seen.

Director: Marcus Tell

Actor: Omer Klaider

Mildness / Italy / 2018 / 3:30

Romantic problems in Venice

Producer: Hikaru Kodama Director: Marcus Tell
Scriptwriter: Amandine Bourse
Cinematographer: Chen Cohen
Film Editor : Susanne Spielvogel

Actors: Amandine Bourse, Nikolai Ostrikov

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